Los carnívoros se han vuelto "pacifistas"

I have been analyzing the behavior of the big carnivores after the 1.4 update and I liked some things while others did not.

I liked it:
-Carnivores no longer fight to death 100% of the time.
-The carnivores of the same species are fought in duel of roars to choose the alpha. They do it on a regular basis. The loser panics. It's what I liked the most.
-The carnivores of different species fight in non-mortal territorial fights. The loser panics and flees.

I did not like it:
-Now the carnivores almost never kill the other when they fight a duel. If there are goats / food in the enclosure, they will live in peace in the same place. I have been able to prove it by having a Spino, a Giga, a Metria, a Cerato and a T-Rex in the same place without getting hurt or fighting for the territory between them. It is when food is missing when they fight to kill themselves and eat.
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100% agree with this!!! My spino and rex are bestest buddies in their new enclosure!

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