Lost with zoom and rotation controlling

Hi again, I'm trying to build up a water slide from scenery parts I've downloaded from the Workshop, and trying to assemble them is so hard since I can't control the zoom and rotation to where I want.

Is there any way to zoom directly to the pieces I'm assemblying instead of making a zoom to the whole park?

I don't know if I explained myself very well...
Zoom with the scroll wheel on your mouse. To zoom up to a piece put your cursor on the item and scroll toward it.
To rotate around an object, put your cursor on the item and use the middle mouse button and drag.

Here are my camera settings.
"Focus on scenery" will let the camera lock onto scenery items.
"Rotation and Zoom behaviour" I have set to mouse focused. This makes the zoom/rotate functions move around the item the mouse is hovering over.

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