Lourinha Formation Missing Dinosaurs

miragaia is a stegosaur with an unusual long neck which included 17 vertebras.

it is a really beautiful and distinguishable animal that would probably stand out in the stegosaur family due to its long neck, triangular-shaped plates and its long limbs.

thanks to its long neck and long limbs it could stand on its posterior legs and eat from tall herbivore feeder, even if it should have a larger size to do this.

torvosaurus was the apex predator of the lourinha formation and one of the largest predators in the morrison formation together with saurophaganax.


in my opinion, the torvosaurus should have really violent killing animations, not only against herbivores but against carnivores too, something like what is seen in dinosaur revolution since its name means "savage lizard"

supersaurus is one of the longest sauropods that ever walked on the earth, it could be about 6 metres longer than the diplodocus reaching a length of 35 metres and have a longer and higher neck than its relative.


to differentiate it from the diplodocus, the supersaurus could have bigger and sharper osteoderms on its back or none at all and brighter colours than its relative.
Supersaurus lourinhanensis, otherwise known known as Dinheirosaurus seems to be a bit smaller than North American ones at 25m long (a little longer than the in game Apatosaurus and well exceeded by the in game Diplodocus), so if size is what you're after, then the american species is probs the one you want.
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