Love it or hate it the Krait gets a spoiler!

Some parts are nice (including the spoiler :D), others not so IMHO. Like these questionable flounder-like extensions, for example:

Or these dubious extra wings that completely spoil the silhouette:

Think I will buy the kit anyway.

Eh, ninja'd ;)

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the ships kits are a bit hit and miss with me, some iterations can be good, some... not so much.

I'm not a fan of the big pointy arrow things at the front (sorry, should that be bow :)) - they look a little flat and bland in the image, may look better in game.

Anyway, as always, it'd be good to see how people use it.
And ladies and gents, Thats why you got the krait.... skin it and shove it on the store lads. They must have said.
Krait MkII 16-piece ship kit - my predictions

Option 1 - MASSIVE engine covers
Option 2 - Smaller engine corvers
Option 3 - Bottom-only engine cover
Option 4 - Wings on your engines

Option 1 - Little spoiler
Option 2 - Big spoiler with a little spoiler
Option 3 - Big spoiler with lots of fins
Option 4 - No spoiler. All the fins

Option 1 - Little rounded wing tips on the outside of the antennae spikes
Option 2 - TIE-fighter-esque vertical wing ends
Option 3 - Silly little winglets all over the edges of the ship
Option 4 - An understated and almost unnoticeable cover for some exposed part

Option 1 - Nose cone
Option 2 - Visibility-reducing coverings for the bridge
Option 3 - Bigger nose cone
Option 4 - Dual nose cones at the end of the front forks
I am just going to say... I was not far off.
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