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I just got back from a RES to collect my bounties and I didnt get what was shown in my info screen while fighting? I should have got 2x88 + 344 but only got around 380 total. Also how can I see what bounties I have accumulated while I am still at the RES?
Current bounties earned can be found on the transactions tab in your left hand panel.

If you were running a Kill Warrant Scanner then some of the bounties could be for non local factions and will have to be collected elsewhere either at that factions station or by using the Interstellar Factors who will charge 25% to collect them remotely again transactions will show if you have some to still collect, alternatively if you have an SLF pilot they take a percentage of any money you make working or not.
Your crew will take a percentage of your earnings as long as they are on contract. That means they will take payment even when they stay sitting at home while you go out and fight.
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Thanks. Whats an SLF pilot?
Some ships can equip a hanger which can operate a Ship Launched Fighter (a sort of remotely piloted vehicle), you can hire an NPC from the Crew Lounge in the station menu who can fly this for you.
They come in various ranks and the higher the rank the higher the hiring fee, they take a percentage of any money you earn until sacked.
Go to the crew lounge and see if you have one where I've marked in the picture below, You see on the right under their profile how much money they take from you - in my case 26 billion, which is pretty good for someone that can't even spell their name right.

BTW, if you're not sure whether your crew is a girl or a guy, point to the sky and say, "what's that?". If it's a guy, you'll see his adams apple, which is a solid indication.
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26 billion!! what I wouldnt give for ten percent of that (2.6 billion I guess!)
She told me that she's been saving up for a fleet of fleet carriers. She wants seven different colours - one for each day of the week. I'm going to buy a fleet carrier carrier, so that I can carry our fleets of fleet carriers around the galaxy.
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