Luis E Morales Falcon Jurassic World Evolution 2 videos

My second rendition of my Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous in Jurassic World Evolution 2 using Nublar 1993:
Another day, another Park Tour, this time we enjoy the Mediterranean location of Isla Cabrera on Spain (said map doesn't exists so I am using the square San Albertus map as a stand in). This Jurassic Park really is a magnificent location that I invite you to enjoy:
Well, after that amazing content reveal I must announce that I completed my Jurassic World UK 2.0, there is still much space there but, it will be for potentially other animals not in this new DLC:
18bfe66962e83-screenshotUrl (1).jpg
We had another great week with good reveals (Utharaptor, Gigantoraptor, Concavenator and Tarbosaurus plus some updates arriving on Nov 30, 2023) but now, now the Spinosaurus in my Jurassic Park Australia as we take a tour there and as always, first we explore the park and then we go into the creature enclosures:
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