Magic retreat in two days...

In the manual I see:

Retreat - min lenght 5 (Five) days.

But! Looking on neigbours is getting really interesting! Info is here:

Colonia Council:

22 February 3304 - Retreat started
23 February 3304 - Retreat in progress...
24 February 3304 - No Colonia Council...

gone in 50 seconds, no, retreated in two days...

Looking in history - it's not the first example. Galcop was in two days retreat from the same system - see 30-31 January 3304. Both times control faction was in lockdown, maybe it depends... Any ideas?
Retreat in two days is actually feasible. It would require perfect timing though.

Day 1: Conflict goes pending (in different System then where the Retreat is supposed to take place)
Day 2: Retreat goes pending (1st day of pending conflict completed)
Day 3: Retreat goes live (2nd day of pending conflict completed)
Day 4: Conflict goes live. Retreat State gets removed. If MF was under 2.5% on the tick of Day 3 it gets removed (States tick before % tick)
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