Magnificent Rides Collection coming on 18 December 2018!

I agree with Heather. Not everyone has performance issues; I've seen people.
i've seen people, too and if your park builds don't even come close to the limits, performance is never an issue. that's good, but imho not the point of the performance critics.

may ask yourself if it's still not an issue if you like to build just a single unrealistic coaster using the entire park size. not much scenery, rather only up&down terrain with different surface colors. would you expect that after reaching ~7 minutes ride time the FPS performance is already a censored word?

Quite soon after getting comfortable with the game editor i started on a coaster which should add a visual experience fitting to a 15 minute music track which is already a rollercoaster on its own. It was so fun to do, and very inspiring same time - at least during the time which was necessary to create the first 4-5 minutes of the ride. FPS was smooth and the multiple momentums of the song were still in sync with the ones of the coaster. But then it got worser and worser and i had to understand that the ~50 hours i've invested into that project suddenly transformed into a huge waste of time. [sad]
Now time for an unpopular opinion

This is what the FREE anniversary update should have been. They broke the game on the anniversary and now are cash grabbing - fix the game - fix the coaster smoothness issue like your fans have been asking for, for years!!!

People have been loyal to the game, I have. i bought every expansion even the little ones because i believed in the dev's vision and where they were going. But now that sparkle has worn off. We used to get the dev diarys and it felt personal like the dev's actually wanted feedback. Now they don't answer any unpopular opinion or question. What went wrong? Spooky, Adventure and Studios were awesome, the 1st anniversary update was amazing.

World showcase is terrible 2 roller coasters that were the same thing. Now you show Boa on a different track and call it a new ride. Wonder how many more of these "new" rides are just re-works. I think you have lost the vision you once has now see us as a cash cow. I refuse to buy any more of these expansions until you fix the game, and i encourage others to do the same.

Just seen the re-worked huntsman - game over
While I agree with you about the dev diaries, I think you need to remember the game is no longer in a beta / alpha version, the full game has been released and it has enough content in to warrant its price in my eyes, and many others.

This DLC is what many of us asked for, including myself.

Loads of games, including all of the previous roller coaster tycoon [1-3] never had any free content updates, so its a very new idea, also, I dont think any game developers have really added as much free stuff to the base game and made DLC at the same time. On top of this, Planet Coaster have never promised stuff we havent got, which is apparent in RCTW in many areas, including the reason I first bought it, for mac support, which still hasn't happened, and I dread to think how it runs as it runs stupidly bad on my main PC, thats an example of the developers not giving you value for money.

Thanks, this will likely be my favourite DLC with Adventure and Studios, it will put a whole new element to the game, giving it a fresh selection of rides to use
Please, for the love of King Coaster, please keep doing this!! I still have a whole boat load of rides still on my wish list:

Flying Scooters

Matterhorn (Flying Bobs)

Disk'o Coaster



Zamperla Teacups (current one is just SO big)



Jeep-like car ride (Chance makes off-road ATVs)


Top Scan

Stingray (coaster)


The one posted to day look between the horses left mid center.

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That's just a bi-plane as one of the things to sit on on the carroussel. Tail was visible on first screenshot of the carrousel too.
I'm not that fond of the new DLC, we lack rides anyway and when new rides are anounced they just give us some reskinned stuff.

Last time we got two new coasters... it was just one with just another train on the second one. Still no kiddie rides, ore the ones we have we can only use for limited time because balance is bad and peeps don't want to go on them anymore (like rocktopus, carrousel,,).
Since the new thememakers toolkit game keeps on loading and loading, even on high end systems...
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Maybe this time they will add more kiddie rides to Planet Coaster. What was shown so far with the new DLC I like it. Can't wait to see what the other 6 new rides will be. I wonder if they will show us pictures of all the new rides in the DLC before the live stream on Dec 12th?
Maybe this time they will add more kiddie rides to Planet Coaster. What was shown so far with the new DLC I like it. Can't wait to see what the other 6 new rides will be. I wonder if they will show us pictures of all the new rides in the DLC before the live stream on Dec 12th?
I sure hope so! The waiting is seriously killing me. This is literally the first DLC that I really really want and I haven't even seen it all yet.
Looks like Beauty & The Beast ride at Disney Tokyo is using the same exact motion ride,

I wonder if we'll be able to spin/tilt the cars like it can in that ride.
I want a chairlift, I want a chairlift, I want a chairlift. And a Gravitron. And Flying Eagles. Another steam train with open sided coaches with forward facing seats. A diesel streamliner train. A giant flume. Sports cars tracked ride. A Thunder Bobs like the one in RCT3.
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