NOTICE: Magnificent Rides Collection Delay

Better late than never. Somehow I've managed to enjoy PC immensely for the last 2 years without this DLC so I figure I can keep on doing that a while longer ;)
Dear coaster friends,

We hope that you are having a nice time preparing for the holidays with your loved ones.

We know that a lot of you are eager to get your hands on the Magnificent Rides Collection today, and so we are sorry to announce a slight delay in its availability to you. Sadly, we have just discovered a serious issue with Skies (the chairlift), which means that the ride doesn’t function as intended.

At Frontier we continuously strive to deliver content of the highest possible quality to our community and feel that this particular issue would hamper your game experience. Therefore, to ensure that you can fully enjoy this wonderful selection of rides and coasters, we have to delay the release of the Magnificent Rides Collection.

We are currently working incredibly hard to fix this problem and aiming to launch in the next few days.

We apologise for any disappointment caused and we will keep you posted with any updates as they come in. Please keep an eye on our official channels for more news.

Thank you so much for your understanding, patience, and support.

That's ok, I can work on my Current Park and get it ready to play the new Rides this weekend! I work to for a living!!
I'm gutted for you all at Frontier. You must be really disappointed. At least you caught whatever the issue was before release. It's making the wait even harder though. [wacky] It's like being a kid on Christmas Eve [big grin]
waste my disappointing
Come on, dude. If they'd released it not working properly, would you not be more upset that it isn't functioning as it should? Give the guys a break. They've been working incredibly hard on this pack including stuff that many people wanted. Also Frontier have just hosted a 24 hour livestream which many of them were involved in, even if we didn't see them on camera. And they're still sat there at Frontier HQ beavering away so that we can all have a bit of extra fun at Christmas with all this juicy new content.

I'm glad they caught it before release. But I agree that waiting longer won't be easy ;)
I knew it! The chairlift delayed the entire pack. Hopefully they can get it out before January. No bug fix today though? I’ve been holding off playing until the bug fix was out.


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why not just remove the chairlift from the pack and launch the pack and give the chairlift to people that own the pack later?

The Skies chairlift is a very popular part of the Magnificent Rides Collection and it would not be fair to remove it. We are instead focusing on getting the issue fixed as quickly as possible so everyone can have the best experience.
Bet it was the voodoo code they used to make the Chairlift work in the first place ;-)

Now they have to kill a goat to the great gaming gods...
Bet it was the voodoo code they used to make the Chairlift work in the first place ;-)

Now they have to kill a goat to the great gaming gods...

That's funny. :)


Oh well then. Currently i cannot play Planco and now i don't like the chair lift even more. :D
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