Mainani/Ngalinn - where have all the Brothers gone?

I've just started stacked MMs here again, after wasting a day with Ram Tah, and apart from one pirate ship encountered while flying to Mainani, I haven't seen a single Brother.

Is this some kind of powerplay thing, where they're not in charge of the system anymore (to be honest, I keep forgetting to check the system info)?
Mainani is at war and elections this means they don't offer kill missions on other systems, they issue kill missions for inside their own systems...
This is a side effect from influence hand in from missions that cause factions to get level with each other and cause BGS actions...
Ah. Well, they offered these kill missions, at least Jet, Wargrannies and one other did. Guess my timing sucked, because when I got to Mainani, the Brothers of Mainani weren't biting, and I had to abandon two shorter missions, losing rep. I guess the 10+ day ones (or is it 6+?) are still safe for now.

I was going to make up the rep with courier missions, but I decided to let off steam in Haithis instead, with a Corvette/fighter combo. It's going quite murderously, so far.
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