Make Dilophosaurus Poisonous

What makes Dilophosaurus iconic in the franchise was its given ability to spit venom, which to quote Richard Kiley causes “blindness and eventually paralysis, allowing the carnivore to eat at its leisure.” Instead, it just uses its teeth and claws like everyone else. With Troodon being poisonous, it just seems unfair. Rather than killing an ornithomimosaur or ornithopod outright, I suggest animation of Dilo tarring them before retreating with the prey now being poisoned and slowly dying if not cured by Rangers. That would include Iguanodon because it’s helpless against Troo. Should other armored herbivores be poisoned? That’s probably too much, but the sauropods still remain safe if it’s any consolation.
From what I understand, the venom in the film universe doesn't do anything but does its damage when it hits a target's eyes. In the novel universe, their bites are venomous, but this game focuses more on the films rather than the entire franchise.
I forgot one more thing: When in battle, Dilophosaurus poisons its opponent, again like Troodon. As for you, Gabe, I think the venom goes through the eyes to wreak havoc on the body.

Not poisonous.

Something is poisonous when you eat it and die. Venomous is when you get bit and die.
Some frogs are poisonous. Snakes are venomous. And in this case, Dilophosaurus is also venomous.
Don’t blame me. The game says “poisoned,” and venom IS a kind of poison. You just have to “inject” it.
In JPOG, Dilophosaurus could kill livestock instantly by venomous spit. In JWE, Dilophosaurus' venomous spit was used during combat with another dinosaur i.e. raptor and when killing a visitor.

There had been rumors about 1993 DLC, should Dilophosaurus be fixed into killing goats and small defenseless herbivores with venomous spit instead of lunging and ripping their throats like raptors?
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