make secondary fire reticles blue

As the title suggests make the secondary fire reticles blue.
Some people use mixed fixed weapons that have varying projectile speeds so having all reticles orange can cause an issue in knowing which weapon to fire.
having the secondary fire trigger reticles be blue would help people in differentiating their weapon firing triggers.
If like to be able to change the reticle point to other shapes. We only have all the same color dots. How about triangles, x’s hollow shapes? Squares. Color change is a good idea. Having all weapons use the same color solid dot can get confusing
If you could just do that Fdev... that would be great. sips coffee

It would really help builds with a mix of fixed and gimballed weapons too. Sometimes I run a PA or 2 on my secondary fire group, and my reticle gets swarmed by group one gimballed reticles like bees on honey.
Actually this is very true. To become competant with dumbfired ordinance whilst using other fixed weapons is a very difficult skill to learn due to the severely different angles that can be involved in order to obtain a targeting solution.
I'm in that exact situation. Fixed Cannons and dumbfires at the minute ( Quite Epic!) I have to fire a couple of rounds before combat to remind myself which is which.
First i wrote something along the line that reticle shape change would be better. But after a little pondering i concluded that this might be a trap. So yes, color change might work if done properly. I just am not sure which colors would be good, i consider it very likely that i'd loose track of a blue reticle when my railguns fire away.
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