[FEDERATION] [INDEPENDENT] Make the Galaxy a better place for everyone! Join the Federal Defense League!

Are you a BGS oriented player looking for a challenge? The Federal Defense League is a freshly reorganized Faction with two main objectives.

1. Secure its home system from a rival player faction.

2. Assist other PMF's undergoing the same issues as FDL is currently facing with aggressive factions on a case by case basis.

The bubble is a small but populated region of space full of conflict. No player faction should ever have to worry about whether if their home system will be theirs when a larger player faction is looking to expand
That's where the FDL comes in. No matter if that PMF is Federation, Imperial, or independent, If you're factions home system is under attack or out of control because of outside aggression not at the fault of the Home systems faction we will be there to help at their request.

That being said. If you're a BGS oriented player join us today and we will make a positive difference for other players and factions! FDL supports all playstyles, play modes, and needs people for all roles.

If you're interested in Joining post here in this thread!
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