Make the ride entrance bollards optional

Deja Vu... I seem to recall back in the day when the entrance was marked with not just the bollards but a yellow arch as well... Not that I'd have any complaints if the pillar things were hide-able too... +1
I doubt it. That is probably a core mechanic of the game, that is not changeable. Otherwise they would have probably already changed it. Something to fix for planco 2;).
However if i'm wrong +1(y)
That's a possibility I'd say. It would need to be some method that the guests can gauge the status of the ride as well as the theme park owner.
The bollards are already redundant …

Watch the attendant next to them the next time you play...
When rides are closed, broken down, or testing, the attendants look like their shooing pepole away. Only in testing mode does the ride actuatlly move- and broken rides have the smoke and pepole on them.

When a ride is open. the attendant doesn't do much. Just stands there as pepole past. Not sure what happens when it comes to teen/adult only coasters- I don't build too many of those- my parks are pretty much family friendly.
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For me, if you're the type of player who just wants to get rid of the bollards for purely aesthetic reasons, you don't really care if the ride entrance is showing the status, to guests or otherwise. I just want them to be invisible, like not rendered. Maybe the code is still ticking away so the guests can "see" that the ride is open or closed or whatever. I just don't want huge unsightly bollards at the entrance to every queue.
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