Ships Mamba Mamba - Not muching loving for it?

Try the Mamba with countering shield builds in mind and using it as a platform to deliver torpedoes and other ordnance fast.
To be fair, if nothing changed, the small slots are horribly placed for mines, but one could always use FSD disruptor missiles
and another one with emissive munitions to help the torps track.

The biggest shame however is, that there still is no huge shock cannon, which would really make
that thing work like ED's version of the Skipray blastboat.

You can get it to work (with heavy engineering), but honestly the Challenger is better rounded compared to
el Mamba.
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My experience with both the FDL and the Mamba has led me to the conclusion, that these two ships were never meant to be flown the same way. So comparing the FDL ability to fly in a tighter circle, to the Mamba ability to dart and dash, and laterally move near instantly, is not a good comparison at all. A good pilot will fly these two ships very differently, and strategies will vary as a by product of the two different flight models. Both of these ships are very good imho. The FDL is probably the most universally loved PvP ship on the game, and everyone had one before the Mamba was even in beta, So when the Mamba arrived on the scene with near identical internals/optionals, most everyones natural inclination was to assume its a cut and paste job from the FDL, and as soon as they got into the Mamba and swapped out all their modules from their FDLs, they quickly realized this ship did NOT handle like their trusty FDL, and most pilots quickly swapped everything back onto their FDLs and firmly declared the Mamba to be inferior in every aspect, with the exception of the cockpit center line view, minus an OCD inducing support strut. I personally LOVE the Mamba. Once I learned her nuances and started to fly her much differently, I quickly fell in love with what this ship can do. I still have my FDL and im not trying to say that one is better than the other. I am more trying to maybe convince some of the pilots that maybe shelved the Mamba rather early, to give her another chance. Spend a little more time trying this one out, because you might just end up liking it.

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I own a Mamba and I enjoy flying it. I agree, it's not meant to be a tight-turning fighter. I think it was designed to be a death dealing speed demon.... sort of like ED's version of the Corsair from WWII. The Mamba can get close and get far better than any other combat ship in the game, and I think that's the way it's meant to be flown.

I heard about the heat issues but I've engineered mine to be one of the cooler ships I own. It manages heat better than my Phantom (although my engineering on the Phantom was cooked it up a little).

6 utility slots make the Mamba a versatile short range ship. As a raider, the speed and hitting power are offset by the relatively small cargo space, but it excels as an assassin. Jump distance and fuel tank limit it's appeal on deep space runs, however.
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Because the Mamba is an inferior-in-every-way ship to the FDL and it's more expensive to boot. There's literally no reason to ever get one when you can fly an FDL.
Always these broad generalizations. Fact: the Mamba is faster than the FdL. Fact: The Mamba can have more armor than the FdL. Opinion: The hardpoints are better. I can have utility weapons on the smalls, while still having the damage of one huge and two larges. Hardpoints are all on top of the ship, far better for gimbals.
I was close to selling mine. It was sitting there, gathering dust and I thought 'sell this and that's extra credits for my Fleet Carrier.'

Glad I kept it. Armed her with 4 double-shot frags and 1 huge short-blaster PA. She's called The Purge, the use of Class 4 weapons and lower is very much authorized and she's FUN in CZs.
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