Manufacturing Module

So ahem when we don't have the upkeep of fleet carrier to grind after :rolleyes:
Let us think of a module that will fit a ship, and allow us to run a bit of the upkeep of the ship, so we get to do a bit of mining, whilst exploring.

I imagine a dedicated loot & crafting system, oh right synthesis.

So I am thinking about Mining and manufacturing products, and not just scooping mats.
Sort of an advanced fabricator to create:
  1. SRV
  2. SLF
  3. up to 3-grade Materials.
  4. Limpets
  5. heat sinks
  6. shield cell
  7. ammunition
  8. Ship fuel
  9. replenishes air.
  10. Those "limited" commodities that were apart of the fetch/grind quest of Engineering.
  11. build Limited modules of limited size (have to cannibalise existing slot) and then it's locked until you get back to a proper outfitter.
    1. cargo rack.
    2. extra fuel tank.
    3. limpet controller.
    4. shield booster
    5. module reinforcement
    6. hull reinforcement
It feels like synthesis has it design limitations as a "crafting" mechanism, pre-space-legs, that applied to all commanders and ships of whatever size and location out in the big black.

But it doesn't rub my fancy when it comes to how to collect and what to collect and why to collect.

I would like to mine the materials. Metals, rocks, gases, frozen or from atmosphere scooping and haggle for the blueprints (naturally).
And you craft alloys, to craft the pieces, to craft the products.
So building trees and components eating up cargo.
And you have to have BOTH refinery and Manufacturing Modules.
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I think you bought the wrong game buddy. Not being horrible or anything, but this seems like a crafting/survival game that ED isn't.

Good news is there's megatonnes of those out there.
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