Mar Sin Leat Commanders

Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders,

First off I just want to say how wonderful it has been being a Community Manager on Elite Dangerous over the last year and a half with such a passionate and caring community.

Before I joined Frontier I enjoyed playing Elite, and I was over the moon (see what I did there?) with the opportunity to work on this game as a Community Manager. Once I got here and started working on the game I began to see the connection that the players had to this game and how it brought people together to share something truly special. I had the opportunity to meet a few of you, play Elite with you, eat an awesome burger which I will never forget, and regularly have fun chats and great laughs. These moments have made me grow and develop as a person and a Community Manager and they will be memories that I will never forget.

As of today, I will no longer be working on Elite Dangerous but moving to another project at Frontier Developments and I will have no dealings with Elite, or Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, from this point forward. As much as it saddens me to move on from such an amazing game and community, I feel this is the best choice for my career and future at Frontier.

Please don’t be a stranger if you ever want to reach out and chat but if it's related to the game then speak with your Community Managers Arthur Tolmie, Bruce Garrido, Paul Crowther, and Zac Cocken. Look after them as you did me, be kind, be bold and be Elite.

o7 Commanders, See you out in the black
Thanks for all the fun, Stephen!
I'd wish to still see some guest appearances in the o7 News Network - maybe together with Will as an "Odyssey Away Team"? :cool:
Best luck for your new role 🍀
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