Marvel DC Land - a mish-mash Gotham Inspired Architectural Land of huge rides

Have been working on lighting and buildings in Gotham Central Square - Also put in Gotham Metro Rail Scaffold and monotrain.




Going to be putting in Water Front Area and Docks - like the grunge!
Today, or tonight - Todaytonight, I updated the entrance area and built a new Spooky themed building edifice - to attract the weary travelers across the vast openness of Gotham Plaza - it really is massive - check out how small the Plancians are - it's ridiculous . . .

I love Pipes - who doesn't love copper/brass pipes and oxidation? I like pointy-ness too - all those obelisks and Gothic Egyptian Ghostbuster pieces.


"Scuzzie . . ." They could see I was there to take a photo . . .



Put in some light fittings, billboards and lovely pipes - ah pipes - sigh - steam to come, so stay tuned!




Love the 'Ghostbusters' building pieces - buy the pack if you don't have it - 400 or so extra design pieces -



Pink is always a nice way to end - will put more detail on the entrance gates - might go for Dock themed grunge to tie into the new Gotham docks area being devised over the other-side and round the back.
Thanks Wowman - have gone for Gothic and pointy - sort of - just doing what feels nice really . . .

(ABOVE) - There was 'mass hysteria' at the eating facilities and I was forced to build a hotel and restaurant down a side street. Could be the gentle reminder to eat 'Two vegetable serves daily', not sure though? I love watching guests in fast forward - specially when there are over 4000, it's hilarious.


The recently closed for renovation Gotham Hotel - next to the recently opened Sedgewick Hotel - rumours have started that ghosts are being seen in Gotham DC park - Could it be that the Sedgewick Hotel has something to do with the recent sightings?


Looking back across Gotham Square - just before major earth works started on Gotham Harbour and Dockland area - on the leftish.


Gotham Water has been mysteriously taken over by a Mr Freeze - strange things are already beginning to happen in Gotham Harbour.


The Water Works Building inspired by - The Hunger Games and Radio Kootwijk’s transmitter park - in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands - (it's been Gothomised) Mr Freeze saw it as the perfect place to hatch a diabolical plan for world domination - what could he be doing - TBC . . .

Huge pipes are now belching grey mist into the waters of the Harbour - and it appears to be freezing the shoreline.

What's this - a new building has dropped in.

Looks like Gotham Water has been Freezered - oh my!?!?!?
Nice shot of Gotham Square Monotrain terminal.

A view between the Sedgewick Hotel (L) and the old abandoned Gotham Hotel (R)- guests claim that something strange is happening within the closed for renovation Gotham Hotel edifice - things can be heard bumping and rumbling around and dropping and banging all through the night.
Gotham Harbour appears to be getting bigger . . .


(ABOVE) Wayne Manor seen top middle after extensive renovations - Rumour has it that something strange and dark roams its Gothic halls . . .


What is Mr Freeze up to?
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