Master Building Tips #1: Shops

Hello and welcome everyone to the first post of many in this new tips and tricks series called Master Building Tips!

Today, as our first topic, we will be discussing shops!(and how to make them awesome, that sort of thing.)

My first tip is DON'T just make a large building and have one shop integrated into the outer wall! Create an interior!

TIP #1: Bigger on the Inside
Make the shop Bigger than the guests anticipate it to be by making parts that the guests aren't going to see (Outside of roofs, et cetera) much larger than the shop would look from the street. if you need to, make the interior of the shop extend past its building's limits! that way the shop looks bigger on the inside.

INFO: this technique is used heavily at places like Disney world, Disney land, really anywhere that starts with Disney. It just adds even more to the guest experience and the overall magic feel of the park. I highly recommend this to everyone and anyone who loves to make super-detailed parks.

TIP #2 : The "two buildings, one shop" Technique
have an extra building that you have no idea what to do with? if it's sitting next to a building with a shop in it, then you can use it to create an even bigger and better shop! you could add longer queue Lines for the shop, more merchandise stands, whatever. this technique is used at Disney world with the main street emporium. it spans 2-3 buildings, and it (using that to its advantage) has different sections for different target groups. that's another good thing to do if you have, say, a Hat's Fantastic & a Loony Bloons in your two-building shop.

INFO: to do this, the fronts of the shops will need to be conjoined, or made to be conjoined. this is also used, as I said, at the main street emporium in the magic kingdom. man, is Disney good at this stuff.

TIP #3 : Shops as Transitions
You can use shops as transitions between two otherwise separate parts of your park. just make sure that the transition is smooth, using subtle details and making sure that you can't see one themed area from a different themed area. in other words, nothing should ever look out of place.

INFO: again, Disney does this, although it doesn't do it with shops. it's a whole lot easier with shops, though. if you have no idea how to transition your guests, then consider this as one of your options.

Anyways, That's All For Now! as always, constructive criticism is welcome, but no raging please. if you have any tips to go along with these, then please share.

See you guys soon!!!