Material Traders and the Galaxy Map filters

My suggestions pertain to using the Galaxy Map to find Material Traders. There are two suggestions here that can be implemented separately from each other, but I do strongly recommend implementing both.

(1) First, having Material Traders only show up in your in-game Galaxy Map when you personally have visited the station does not make sense from either a usability or lore context.

From a usability perspective, I have to go to and search for stations with Material Traders that other players have already found, TRY to filter those results by economy (since the type of Material Trader depends on the Economy), and in cases where a station has two qualifying Economies (such as Industrial for manufactured materials and Refinery for elements) dock in the station to figure out what type of Material Trader it has. If it's the wrong kind of trader for what I currently need, then I have to move on to another station. This is a mild-but-significant pain point.

From a lore perspective, these are traders. I assume that they WANT business from independent Commanders. Why would they be hiding? I would think that they would WANT to show up on the Galaxy Map.

(2) Merge the filters. No solar system has more than one Material Trader. So, instead of having three options for "MATERIAL TRADER - RAW", "MATERIAL TRADER - MANUFACTURED", and "MATERIAL TRADER - ENCODED", just have one "MATERIAL TRADER" filter and all of the different kinds of Material Traders show up simultaneously on the Galaxy Map.
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