Material Traders are dictated by the System Economy - TIL

Okay, so I know this information is already out there, but I'm only finding bits and pieces of it, so my intentions with this thread is to further help those looking for solid answers regarding Material Trader locations and how to better find them, so, well, here goes;

Tonight I was out with my friend hunting G5 Mats in Anarchy Systems to trade for other more important parts and we were trying to find a Manufactured Trader, we kept searching and searching with no avail until I made a discovery/realization, I noticed that the Material Traders are generally based on the System Economy, I found a Raw Materials Trader at a Refinery Station then realized, my bookmarked Manufactured Trader is Industrial, so I looked back at the Encoded Trader I was previously at and saw it's High-Tech, so it'd seem you'll have better luck finding specific traders in specific system economies related to what you're after..

High-Tech - Encoded
Industrial - Manufactured
Refinery/Extraction - Raw

It only makes sense, and this is just a personal discovery, before I decided to make this thread I made sure to look it up to see if it has been confirmed or not, and I found a forum thread with a response in it that lists all these details

So with that being said, you can use with the Material Trader filter and Economy Type and find stations with a high chance of the trader you specifically want, I hope this helps and I apologize if this post seems kinda spammy, but I wanted to throw more info out there on the subject.

Funnily enough, logic should've dictated this to me sooner, but I guess being a game, your brain doesn't factor logic a whole lot considering there's so many games with illogical aspects.
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