Work In Progress Matryoshka doll (nesting dolls)

Thank you WingardiumLevicoaster!

Oh yikes, I wrote a lengthy reply but it got disappeared when I hit edit second time. Oh well, I will write again later. :) Gotta go back to bed and sleep some more.
Now I have added the final touches to the artwork texturing! :)

Now over to next steps. Shaping and UV-mapping.

I did reply longer reply before. :(
I think I talked about those nesting dolls. I have 3 sets at home. The reason of why choosing these to be my first proper TMT item is that it is easy to model the shape itself. Then I went too far with the artworks. So it is nothing but simple, and to do them justice I want to do nice normal mapping too, etc etc. haha!
Oh, so that's one of the answers that got disappeared when the wall of text got gone, ok! :D

Ok, what I replied is that I initially haven't planned on doing that. I have planned to first release this main set of 1.2 to 4.1 meter 5 piece sets (of course 1 per object) and then maybe another set, that is a little shrunk down, maybe half sized.

And after that, I will try to see if I can shrink down to souvenir object sized versions (like real life, small ones) without the textures going all muddy due to massive resize down. And if it is good then I will maybe apply wood normal to it as well.

That's my initial goal.

Then in future, if it is requested I might split those and make new models showing the lip and wood inside. But I want to make other items too. :) As always, if there's big demand, then. ;D
Progress update. I am working on the flexicolors now.

I started with the small one because it is quickest to go through the TMT processing.

The small one is 1.2 meter tall and it has got 512px texture rate which looks consistent with the sizes going on.

The green-red-blue one is the one that is simulating the "non-flexicolored" texture. Close enough. That's the default colors.

I see some artifacts on edges when using darker colors but I think it is something that is tolerable at this level. It was way worse before but I added some overlap so it is better now.

I have some issues with flexicolor color blending on some flowers on back (not seen here) I wanted to mix 2 colors for the skirt flowers. :D I think I have a new idea on how to do it.

I wish I knew how to simulate the flexicolors in Blender plugging in the textures. Maybe I should google.

The tall ones in background are non-flexicolored, older samples, btw.

They are gorgeous, really great design work! I love them!

If I may - as Jonti at Geekism is fond of pointing out, no one is going to be viewing the models super close once they're part of a park. Please do compromise the image quality a little to get a workable file size. I'm an artist too, I know how hard it is to see it pixelated and not so pretty right up close! But it's worth it for peoples' parks to run smoothly. Since it's a large, focal point item, I don't think a 10mb file size would be unreasonable, but I've seen things in the workshop up near 20mb or even more. As much as I think those workshop items look beautiful, I tend to skip subscribing because I don't want to compromise the play-ability of my parks. That's just my take on it, though. :)
Sorry to rant here, but...
I'm sooo tired of the filesize discussion. I get stupid comments on files that are much less than 5 MB (whilst using 6-10 texture maps) and then you look at some of the gigantic files from others and they get complimented at the same time for their items, with hardly any texture information but with filesizes beyond 15mb.. (guess what eats up most of that space… it ain't textures)
So by now i've evolved deaf ears to the topic.
Also because the filesize is totally misleading, a 5MB object could be less straining on performance than a 800kb file, it all depends on what the file is made up of.
A model with terrible LODing and lots of unnecessary Tris could be (relatively) tiny, if it only uses one, or if you're lucky, two map-slots, but scattering a dozen instances throughout your park will kill performance ultimately.
And if most people don't even know the difference between a Blueprint file and a 3D asset, even more so those discussions become pointless.

A solution in Helena's case would be to keep the polygon model below 12(but no more than 16) lines vertically and to do a high res texture version, and a low-res (256 to 512 depending on map-type)
As a rule of thumb, if your texture is at 512, your other slots can get by with half the res (256) (with normal maps it's especially important to keep them at lowest threshold)
Almost all my assets use at least 4 map types (but often up the max of 10) and my files are still smaller than most others'

BUT if a model is beyond 8sq.m. surface you will have to use 1024, otherwise it will look like garbage (if it uses detailed texures) and the Texel ratio is smaller than the ingame standard. This will quadruple filesize, but keep in mind there are vanilla assets that are way bigger than 20MB (Frontier wouldn't tell, but that's a fact).

Priority number one should always be the POLYGON count and its effectivity and necessity, even Geekism will have to get that straight one day.
(though i doubt they will, they just use the hype on the topic for their own popularity) (what's their most complicated item in the workshop?
oh right, a flat small sign with a single texture (and for that their files are huuuge)

@Helena, the textures are great, when you're done, just split the model into a high-res and a low-res version, most people would go for the lower res, but you can also please the detail lovers with a high-res variant.
But until you are ready to put in on the workshop i wouldn't worry about that too much. You can always downsize at the end of your workflow (but not vice versa)

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