May Monthly Catch Up

Bo Marit

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Hayo coaster friends!

Welcome to May's Catch Up! Let's take this time to look back at May and talk about your awesome creations, highlight any news from the month and more!


With so many strange things happening around here, it's about time we've worked out why! Update 1.12 and Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters will be arriving to Planet Coaster on Tuesday 4 June!

Not long to go now until we'll be busting ghosts, ghouls and spectres. We're really looking forward to playing this huge new pack, with an exclusive story-driven scenario, the iconic Ghostbusters, gameplay mechanics, building and scenery pieces, and more!
Thanks to your hard work, we banished Slimer by placing over 35,000 Security Guards in our parks! Well done! As a special reveal, you unlocked the new Planet Coaster entertainer: Stay puft Marshmallow Man!

Update 1.12 will also be out on Tuesday 4 June for free, containing bug fixes, other improvements, and the Quick Draw shooting ride! This ride allows your guests to ride and shoot targets, aiming for a high score and a place on the leaderboard. You'll have to download this from Steam separately.

Last but not least: Community Managers Bo and Chanté will be attending the Community Meet in the Efteling this year on July 6! You can sign up here!

Community Favourites

Delphinus Rising by GalcianBTH

GalcianBTH has been working on the Land of the Mystic and shared this amazing screenshot of his Delphinus Rising coaster with us.

Arabian Egyptian Genie by Anigmandra

This beautiful blueprint was made by Anigmandra, with the Arabian Palace as a separate blueprint.

Something Different by Authentic

This screenshot, titled 'Something Different' was posted to Steam by Authentic. We love the architecture!

Fantasy Carousel by Whitesider

Whitesider created a wonderful Fantasy Carousel, with enchanting unicorns sitting atop the ride.

Thememaker's Toolkit item of the Month

Ghost Pop-up by MsRedNebula

With all the ghosts haunting our studio the last couple of weeks, we thought it was fitting for the Thememaker's Toolkit item of the month to be an apparition too!

Creator Spotlights

PixelWess89 has posted a POV video of Nadire, a beautifully themed ride!

Theme Park Worldwide has been creating an indoor theme park in Planet Coaster. Check this series out here:

That's it for our May Catch Up! See you in June!

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