Maya Ritual

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My latest thrill ride is now available to download on the Steam workshop. Maya Ritual is actually one of the oldest rides in my park (originally built in 2017), however, over time I've been adding more and more to it, from small details to a complete sequence of effects. Safe to say it's definitely turned out to be one of my best themed rides, possibly the most intimidating as well.

The ride has a South American/Mayan (aka. Aztec) theme with a rather dark twist, as the concept of the experience revolves around sacrifice (something the Mayans craved). The theme also seemed perfect for a drop tower, as personally the best thing about these rides is just the way tension is typically built. Here, I made sure the tension is on, even before you enter the queue, as Maya Ritual can be seen from miles around...and as you get closer, it really looms and towers over you.

The idea behind the ride's story is that the Mayan goddess was awoken as a result of an archaeological excavation project in and around the temple. To highlight this, the building has an extremely overgrown appearance and is littered with ladders and scaffolding.


Approaching the ride, a huge statue of Maya comes into view, perched on a stone throne above the entrance, leering down at guests. The statue plays a part in the ride's giant triggered sequence, which I'll go into more detail later on.

The queue eventually leads into an indoor section, based directly below the ride itself. This section represents the catacombs of the temple, filled with excavation equipment, cargo...and even treasure. Some stone panels can also be seen, acting as a foreboding message to anyone willing to edge closer...

Emerging back out into the daylight, we ascend a staircase until we're stood before some closed doors. The tension really starts to build here, as the threatening sound of drums and even some eerie screeches can be heard. Our time is indeed drawing near.

The doors in front of us swing open to reveal a gigantic room overun with vines and scaffolding, and filled with crates and barrels...and in the centre, the waiting (empty) gondola. Strapped in, we can now only wait, as the drumming continues to echo around us. Maya awaits her sacrifices, it's almost time for the Ritual.

Suddenly, the entrance and exit doors slam shut, and the dimnishing of the surrounding torches and the sound of a gong cues our inevitable ascent. The drumming has now alarmingly picked up pace as we're dragged skyward up and out of the temple. After what seems like an eternity, the sound of drums returns to earshot as we reach the summit...but only have seconds to take in the view of the park before a terrifying ritual springs to life. A low, demonic voice utters an incantation, horrifying screams are heard all around us...and we freefall at blistering speed back towards the temple...only to be slowed down at the last second (the upper walls of the temple block out any view of the gondola slowing down, giving a pretty harrowing insight for passers-by).

The torches within the temple reignite, and shortly after, the doors reopen, allowing our escape from Maya's grasp.

As mentioned before, the ride utilises a large sequence of triggered events to add to the experience. This includes the ride entrance, as once the gondola reaches its summit, in unison with the effects played out above the gondola, the statue of Maya utters her own incantations, as a jet of fire erupts from her sceptre. Her evil laugh is then heard as the gondola freefalls back towards the temple.

I worked really hard on this so hopefully you lovely people will check it out! 😄
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