Medium Carnivores

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This is something I've been thinking yesterday while planning another Nublar rework. I wanted to decrease the number of paddocks to have more "wide, open space" since I like it much more a Park and less a Zoo. And then I was surprise to find out certain animals such as Baryonyx or Metriacanthosaurus cannot share land with, say, Ankylosaurus or Stegosaurus.

I think this is just as wrong as having Dilophosaurus "venenifer" which cannot take down a Stegosaurus (eye level shot anyone?).

A third carnivore category should be considered to include such species, on an intermediate level between small and large carnivores. They wouldn't be able tolerated by the large ones, and would scare and perhaps stress the smaller ones, but could live with either regardless, although not at the same time.

They could, too, live alongside armored herbivores as long as they have enough food available (otherwise trying to actively hunt them down, to their own dismay, as more often than not they should fail, if not getting really hurt in the process).
Yes. There needs to be further stratification among dinosaur types. And, how those types interact with one another.
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