Medusa Variant Thargoid

◾7 - A rare threat level first reported on October 2, 3303. These signal sources contain large debris fields and some salvage items.[2] They were also reputed to be where powerful Cyclops Variant Interceptors could be encountered that could easily wipe out entire wings of skilled CMDRs with combat-Engineered ships, but this was never verified. On December 14, 3303, this threat level became more common and Medusa Variant Interceptors began appearing in them.[3]

any sightings?
It's obvious we need the T-10 Defender NOW :eek: On the spiky things: I remember smaller versions of them lying around in the torture chamber beneath the huge yellow cranes in the Stack and IIRC Klatt Enterprise INRA bases, obviously torn out. No wonder these are aggressive...

Wow...Medusa are amazing :D

Just poked my first one. Between my 3 large AX multicannons, my 1 medium AX multicannon and an AX1 all firing at once I had just enough firepower to expose the first heart (but my word...the ammo cost). It was then I noticed that the Medusa is *constantly spinning*. I only got the heart to 84% before it turned off again. It is so much harder to hit a target that is moving in a circle.

Holy wow that's just fantastic :D I legged it with a huge grin on my face.

Disclaimer: The above was only possible by invoking 2 bugs, one to have the Thargoid stop shooting, and the other to get it to mostly sit still, both of which appear to work fine on Medusa class Thargoids.
I think looking at the new Medusa Varient that its starting to fill out and look alot like the surface structures (crashed ships) we see on the planets surfaces.

The spires coming up from the central eye are starting to look alot like the central spire of the surface structures and the wings are staring to fill outwards towards each other.

Maybe the Thargoids are growing into something larger?
So the medusa isn't aggressive either eh? Hmm. Very strange. Then who is attacking the stations?
The Thargoids are not aggressive. I believe the attack on the station was to send a message to Aegis...the ones that have been attacking the Thargoids relentlessly. Every step of the way, it has been mankind being the aggressors.
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