News Meet the Team #10- Jose Castro (Sound Designer)

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Great interview, thank you!

(That is one thick wallet, bet you are popular down the pub!)
Without wishing to suggest that Jose is anything other than generous, a thick wallet is usually the sign of someone who doesn't go to the pub or, if they do, they don't ever get a round in.... ;)
ref the ship sound effects, loved, LOVED this comment!
"think Nostromo starting up"
+1 :)

Great interview!
You're doing great and very important work! Good sound design really gives reality to the visuals!

Jose, in which space sims do you like sound design more (Freespace, Freelancer, Wing Commander, any Star Wars sims if played)?

What sounds do you like to synthesize more, natural or technological?
Aha so you're the amateur in the house... Do you have to ask permission to use the Hot water tap in the kitchen or have you graduated further? ;)
Amateur? Pssh. Whistleblower more like. We're all basically monkeys in masks. Ashley's good at photomanipulation, just blurs away the fur and comps in a desk etc.

I just noticed the spacecraft in your sig. Is that a station or a ship? If it's a ship and you are loading it with cargo, do you put the milk in first or last? No pressure but please know that if you get this wrong I will lose all faith in FD to do this game justice.

Just askin'
Controversially I do not have the patience for hot drinks. I don't even own a kettle.
(above statements are personal opinions and do not represent the position of Frontier Developments)
Nicely dodged. Of course, the answer was C. You never put milk in there. I still want one though.

I just wanted to say that I have been a fan of your chosen role since I first saw your signature!
Me too, Ian, but unfortunately you can't believe everything you see. It's another FD conspiracy.
Me too, Ian, but unfortunately you can't believe everything you see. It's another FD conspiracy.
Speaking of conspiracies, I just found this,

FD Conspiracy Proved!

Yes, it's a Bed & Breakfast in Cambridge.

BUT it's at number 51 in the Cambridge area.

Area. 51. Cambridge.

OMG this is so totally a blindingly obvious piece of evidence that FD are totally up to their necks in totally conspiratorial type things.
Fantastic interviews.................... and he has his own office.............

<mental note: for your own office, be a sound engineer> :)
Great interview,

I've always been interested in sound in games (and film), I don't think that overlooked is a fair assessment, more that it's acknowledged at a subliminal level. If the sound (and music) is right, it adds so much to the experience, without me even realising it.

I think we're in good hands, thank you Jose :)
I love the fact that there's not just one artificial noise generator, but two. And one of them can pick up the sound of pulsars! That's the kind of detail that will make this new Elite special in my, erm... ears.
Great interview as usual. When I listen to what he says, I say to myself : "With Jose, we are assured of a high quality work."

  • there's a myriad of elements that we can work within this inner space, all of which can be reactive to meaningful parameters to the point that an experienced pilot should know the state of the spaceship just by listening to it.

  • and my long term goal is that the pilot can intuitively have a feel of a particular ship, a grasp of how good it is and how well it is behaving, by listening alone.

  • and in the long run, if a player turns the ship on, hears the start-up sequence and feels a sense of familiarity, that will make me really happy!
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