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Bo Marit

Lead Community Manager
Hi everyone, and thanks for joining us on our official Planet Zoo forums!

This is where you'll be able to find all the latest news and announcements, interact with fellow wildlife enthusiasts, and join in on the fun. The Planet Zoo community team will be there along the way, so we thought it would be good to say hello, so you know where to find us in case you have questions, thoughts, or if you want to send us chocolate.

Say hello to... Bo!
That's me, Lead Community Manager here at Frontier Developments. I started as a CM here in 2016, on my beloved Planet Coaster - now I'm leading the team dedicated to Planet Coaster, Jurassic World Evolution, and Planet Zoo! In the past few years you may have seen me on livestreams, at events, or answering your questions on our channels.
At Frontier, being a Community Manager is an absolute joy thanks to the incredibly talented developers we work with, but also thanks to the award-winning, passionate, and caring community team that you will be seeing around: Paul, Chanté, and Steggs. Together we aim to have our official spaces be inclusive, accessible, and fun full of passionate discussions. We will be bringing you all the latest news about the game, hosting livestreams with the fantastic Planet Zoo team, organising giveaways and competitions, and addressing as many forum topics as we can. As Community Managers, our job is also to let the developers know about you and your thoughts, so rest assured we are constantly reporting back with your feedback.
You are the best community to work with, and we are lucky to be your CM team!
If you want to get to know me better, feel free to follow me on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/BoMarit89 - hope to speak soon!

Say hello to... Paul!
Greetings! I'm Paul, one of your Community Managers for Planet Zoo. I've been working in the games industry for a while now and was hugely excited to join Frontier back in the summer of 2018 to geek out over dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution and rollercoasters in Planet Coaster. I'm really excited to be adding Planet Zoo to that list! I'm going to be here to chat with you on the forums, Discord, Reddit and more. I'm especially looking forward to watching you share all your feedback and suggestions for Planet Zoo, as well as your reactions to all the amazing things we're going to reveal.
If you want to follow my mad ramblings you can find me haunting Twitter at www.twitter.com/revenantcrow

Say hello to... Chanté!
Hello everyone! I'm Chanté, a member of the Planet Zoo community management team. I joined Frontier in late October 2018 - this is my first industry role after graduating university - and I have been involved in Planet Coaster, Jurassic World Evolution and now Planet Zoo. As a recent addition to the company, I have been lucky enough to not only work with the incredible teams here at Frontier, but I've also had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful Frontier community members, both in the virtual and real world. With the announcement of Planet Zoo, I cannot wait to welcome even more people to our brilliant communities. The more the merrier!
My role here at Frontier means you will be able to speak to me on the livestreams, forums, Discord, Reddit and so on. I cannot wait to hear feedback from you all regarding our Planet Zoo reveals and what we have in store for the future. Being able to speak with everybody and hearing your opinions and excitement is the best part of my job, as it's a delight hearing from so many passionate people and being able to pass along their feedback to our hard-working developers, making our games and your experiences better!
If you'd like to strike up a conversation with me, chat to me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chantefuzz - I'm excited to hear from you! :D

Say hello to... Steggs!
Hi everyone! I'm Steggs, part of our wonderful community team here at Frontier. I've been in the games industry for around 8 years or so now, and joined Frontier in November 2018 to work on Jurassic World Evolution and Planet Coaster! One of the best things about being here is seeing how amazing the communities surrounding our games are. Everyone is so friendly here, it's a fantastic place to make new friends and chat to like-minded people! I'm super excited to be working on Planet Zoo, we have so much to talk to you about and I can't wait to see your reactions to all the lovely things we've got coming up!
You'll be seeing a lot of me on our livestreams as well as the forums, Discord and Reddit, so please be sure to say hello and let us know how you're feeling about the game so far. Remember, it's our job to be your voice inside the studio, making sure your ideas and feedback are being listened to by the right people within the development team. So if you've got great ideas, we want to hear them!
If you ever want to chat about games or animals feel free to follow me on Twitter and say hi: https://twitter.com/steggs101 - please send cute animal gifs.

Remember to follow the official Planet Zoo channels for all the latest news. That's it for now; you'll be seeing us around loads!

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so the leak was already a little bit true :)
Leak is quite a bit true it also got the details of the small JWE patch before that was announced

Also seeing as the planco community team is moving to planzo suggests that planco is indeed in maintenance mode as it ramps down before they release JWE and planco 2
A lovely Hello to the fantastic four! ;)
I am very surprised about that news. So, we get a Planet Zoo in autumn? How great is that, pls?! I hope that Frontier will offer that game also as an Add-On for PlanCo. That would be wonderful. I am sure that both games PlanZo and PlanCo will complement very well. ;)

But first I wish you a wonderful time as community managers for this brand new game!

Many greetings from Germany

I'm so looking forward to this game! Oh and taking endless sunset pictures and spamming them on the inevitable "PlanetZoo Screenies" thread.
As a curator of a zoo and lover of gaming especially planet coaster where I design my own Zoos, looking forward to this game is an understatement! If you are looking for testers of the game with zoo industry experience give me a shout out!
Hi CM team!

I've been around a while, not been the most active on the forums but have been here since the beginning of Planet Coaster and am so excited to experience another whirlwind journey with Frontier with another great game!

I must say, the announcement of Planet Zoo took me quite by surprise. I had always hoped there'd be a another 'Planet' game, and now that dream is becoming a reality!

I look forward to seeing all you have to share with us, and I can't wait to share this journey with you and all the other fans.

Planzo (Planzoo?) all the way!

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