🦁 Meet your Planet Zoo Community Team! 🦓

Thats amazing news! Love to see the "Planet" game become a game series now! The trailer and the screenshots look amazing and I'm very excited about this new game!:)
Hi guys!

I am really looking forward to this game. Just the other week, I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have a 'Zoo Expansion' pack for Planet Coaster, then lo and behold, bang, Planet Zoo announcement pops up on my feed! :D

Really happy we are getting a spiritual successor to Zoo Tycoon. Roll on August! (y)
Maravillosas personas para el maravilloso juego, estamos muy contentos en todo el mundo por este gran juego :D

I'm sorry my English is very bad
Google translate
Wonderful people for the wonderful game, we are very happy all over the world for this great game
Zoo Tycoon was my fav. game when I was a child; I cannot wait to play Planet Zoo! At 34 it is going to be so much more fun!!!! I would love to know if there is a chance to have access to Beta testing! Nice to meet the team and cannot wait for the game to launch!
Heyo! Happy to meet you! This will be the first time I'll actually play a Zoo Tycoon game (other than the occasional playing with my brother) - excited!!
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