Parks Mega Park - Fan Made Trailer - Entirely Themed - 1080P

This is my first real park, it started out as a stress test to see just how much flora and how big of a park I could make before my computer started on fire. I ended up with 5 coasters, multiple flat rides, every inch covered in trees/bushes/and flowers, and used about 75% of the park tile. Every path and walkway is loaded with flora detail, you won't find any bare ground in this park. Highest guest count I recall seeing was 4,300. No crashes and my PC is still working.

A park this big and with so many things to look at required a long trailer. I had planned to do a park tour video with full ride video, but seeing how long it would be I decided instead to make a trailer first hoping to cut down the video time. Maybe I'll circle back and do the coaster videos separately. Each ride in the park is shown briefly and at the end some fancy camera work to show off parts of the 5 coasters.

Things I noticed while building this park;
  • "The Radius" wheel ride at the begging is serene. The music along with cinematic camera kept me looking for an hour.
  • 0:39 The carousel is beautifully done and the detail amazing.
  • 1:30 "The Whirly Wrig" (swinging barrels) looks really good at night. Almost all the rides look great at night but this one stood out to me.
  • 2:00 The guy in the striped shorts (middle of the screen) is shaking and looks like he may soil himself.
  • 4:01 The magic carpet ride looks realistic
  • 5:40 The pirate ship is awesome
  • 7:15 and 11:30 The lighting in game is great at times. Put some spotlights in the coaster station and as the coaster enters or leaves the spotlights light up the people and coaster. Amazing to see.
  • 14:55 Gulpee high-fives someone at the end and misses

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