Megaraptor and Austrolovenator

I wonder if these dinosaurs would be a great addition to the Jurassic world Evolution game. So far there is still plenty of room for more carnivores to be added non Canon & Canon but wondering about this particular group of dinosaurs the megaraptorins. I was considering two members the most famous members of the entire genus to the Game that could be unique in their own way if added.



Megaraptor 26ft in Length and 2200.Ibs, could be more muscular built and in the meantime it's cousin austrolovenator At 21.ft in length and 1100-2200.Ibs could be more thinner built For speed then it's cousin megaraptor.this is just my opinion on how to differentiate the two one is bulky and muscular another is thin and more agile and built for chasing prey for long distances.

What do all of you guys and gals think of this idea of differentiating Megaraptor and australovenator from each other if they were included in to Jurassic world evolution.
I think one or the other would be great. I would love to see a Megaraptorid in the game; especially if they used their giant claws in combat! But probably not both of them since they are in around the same size bracket.

Aerosteon would be a good runner-up if one of those two were added, since it was much larger than both of them. It also has an advanced respiratory system unlike other large carnivores so it would’ve been able to move even faster for much longer. It probably wouldn’t mean anything for the game unless they add a need to hunt, but it’s still a cool fact.
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