Memorial for a fallen CMDR - Suggestion

On May 22nd, CMDR P3ndra6n went dark on the internet. About two weeks before that, he and I had a disagreement that caused a bit of a rift in our Squadron, Galactic Pathfinding Group, so we stopped seeing eye to eye. So I didn't find it all that strange when he went dark for a few days. Those few days turned into weeks, and just yesterday I learned that CMDR P3ndra6n has been confirmed dead, cause of death tbd, via facebook.
Two weeks after P3ndra6n's disappearance, due to the head of our squadron disappearing, a those of us still active in gpg left to create our own guild with a new focus. So this may not be our place to ask anymore, but:

During our time playing with CMDR p3ndra6n in GPG, 68 members at our peak, we had many nights of fun goofing off, killing pirates and goids, exploring wierd, hard to reach places in the galaxy. All of these events centered around one station, where our PMF eventually took control: Cyllene Orbital in Atlas.

What I'm asking is a memorial to those times. Would it be possible to either rename Cyllene Orbital after P3ndra6n (or Pendragn if numbers are too informal), or build a new station in Atlas with his name?
o7 Commander P3ndra6n!

Honestly, I TRULY believe this is a worthwhile and noble thing the FDevs could do. There are thousands of stations in the Bubble; I for one would be honoured to sail into Pendragon Station and read the memorial to a fallen comrade.
FDevs, please take note - this is a GOOD thing for you to do!
Sounds like an unfortunate series of events. Condolences to those who knew him.

Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about Frontier memorializing every player who passes away, or everyone with enough friends in the community to speak for them...but it it's their prerogative and I don't particularly see any harm in asking.

As Requiem Mortis suggests, contacting one of the community managers is probably the best way to advance your petition.

Best of luck.
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