Memorial for a fallen CMDR - Suggestion

Fallout 4 had a seriously touching memorial in the Nuka World expansion. It was to a single guy who loved F4 and Fallout in general. They put his likeness in-game, just hanging out on his trailer. It's something to check out if you haven't seen it.
That means I’d have to check out Fallout 1, 2, and 3 as well, since I generally dislike missing out in series games, but... I have seen a few of these in a number of games that have been deeply moving. It speaks volumes for companies that do these sorts of things for their players.

I agree that the Tionisla ship graveyard would be the logical place for memorials, long term. Someone reports a player's passing, their account is rendered inactive, their name is appended to some sort of beacon-based Roll of Honour and a hull asset of the last (or most popular) ship they flew is added to the graveyard instance (or to one of several instances, if the game is live long enough for asset numbers to become a problem). It fits with lore, it's doable with existing mechanics, and it would be available to any fallen CMDR. It's even easily reversed, should someone troll FD with a fake request.

It would require a lot of initial effort but once implemented it should scale, and a central location accessible to everyone should avoid any territorial issues with the stations or beacons in other existing systems.
I guess too, this may be the best solution.
Is there something the community can do? Maybe some help with sketches, drawings, visual concepts and so on? Maybe some kind of voluntary targeted donation for the construction of such a graveyard (I mean a small amount, comparable to a package of skins)?
I do understand that this doesn't appear to be much work, however each memorial takes a considerable amount of time to implement, no matter how seemingly simple to do. I would like to mention that we've also had to refuse other memorials, and it would be unfair of us to honor one of them over another at this point in time. I hope you understand.
Yeah, I can't blame you there. A better solution would be a general memorial to everyone who's passed. Maybe a tourist beacon somewhere beautiful.
These sorts of requests turn up often enough to warrant a certain sort of Official Methodology.

I would, therefore, propose the establishment of the Commander’s Memorial, somewhere centrally located in bubble-space. This would be a large, free-standing Memorial listing our dearly departed, in it’s own instance, with an instance-wide No Fire Zone. Interacting with the Memorial via Data Link Scanner could bring up a menu where we could then search for those memorialized here, read a little 250 words-or-less about them, pay our respects, and reflect in peace.
Tionisla orbital graveyard. It already exists in lore, not in-game. It is to a 'T' the description of what everybody is talking about.

Tionisla orbital graveyard could easily be implemented in-game as simply a coriolis starport using the base station template (no habitation arms, to avoid misunderstandings; no crosses, don't want to give any religion any higher standing than any other) and without the standard station visuals on the dock screen. You could call it "Tionisla Mausoleum" (again, which is lore appropriate). In the dock screen, instead of a station background with a faction leader standing in-frame, there could be just a depiction of the TOG in space. In the frame that system news is typically displayed, a simple scrollable honor roll of the names of all known deceased commanders (added through player submissions).

This means it could be implemented using commonly used mechanics (practically every other CG, er, Interstellar Initiative creates a new station somewhere) so the implementation effort to Fdev would be no more than they already do, hell they could announce it as one of their next Interstellar Initiatives to get community involvement. The honor roll could be tied to a simple spreadsheet or SQL table so the upkeep would be as simple as opening a document, typing someone's name, and waiting for the tick.

That being said, it would be something to drop into a station instance and have a dense field of derelict ships floating around, just hanging there in space. You pick your way through shattered cockpits, hulls torn to shreds by unspeakable battle and bits of debris to find the mausoleum hanging there in the midst of it all, a dark beacon of lost pilots, hanging in the black.
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