Merging the new Exploration tools with Bounty Hunting

First off, loved the new changes and tools added to exploration. The past system always seemed absolutely lacking in content and interest beyond jump, scan, repeat. Now all these new tools and scanners will make the scanning process more interesting and open up more randomized events and landmarks to find.

But there is a potential secondary use for all these exploration tools, and that is Bounty Hunting.

It would be awesome if nearby wanted players could be identified and tracked down by their residual ship signatures, local nav data, and whatever other tools would apply in the Elite setting. Wanted player online and in system? Using your analysis tool might give you signal information on their general location and ship size, with more information narrowed down similar to how identifying planets works. Get enough information and you could then either get moved into their Supercruise instance, or get a signal source to drop onto their current realspace location. If they are planetside, then you would additionally launch a probe and get a specific location to drop down on, bringing a rather unexpected surprise on your criminal target.

Additionally, for the really dedicated Bounty Hunters, add in the option to temporarily register as a bounty hunter. Doing so will make it so crimes on does not apply to your ship, but in exchange get access to a galaxy map tab giving general locations on online high priority targets. Getting closer to a bounty will slowly narrow their location to your map, until you are close enough to use the tools described above to get into their instance. Registration as a bounty hunter would last 12 hours, or until your own ship has been destroyed in combat, after which you can then utilize crimes on again, but lose access to dedicated tracking and instancing tools.

(Powerplay bounties would be a special case and have their tracking system tied to the individual power, requiring rank 2 to access but is passive and does not require activation)

So in summary under this suggestion:

All players can track nearby* wanted players with exploration tools

Exploration tools get additional use in established systems and outside of noncombat

Wanted/notorious players will face potentially competent player hunters instead of NPCs

Player Bounty Hunters get some much needed tracking support (maybe also raise the pay cap for them too)

Powerplay will have better tools for tracking underminers and hauler killers, especially if paired with an Open only Powerplay mode.
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