meta alloys, did the update kill farming or finding them?

Was going to start building a ship to fight the thargoids, but after visiting several planets through three different websites, there is nothing.
After scanning the planets it tells you where the thargoid Barnacles are, but at every place I landed they are all taken.
Is there another way to get meta alloys
I found some a couple weeks ago at the barnacle forest on Hyades Sector AQ-Y d81, planet C2. Many of the old sites are all dead now.
At any given moment of time, most barnacle forest are low-activity (no materials, no meta-alloys). You have to travel around and check them to find the active ones. Or, just buy meta-alloys from Darnielle's Progress in Maia.
I think that was The Enclave storyline. Barnacles are no longer fruiting so much in the Pleiades, but we found more in the Witchhead nebula.
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.. or non Numan Signal Sources - they have Meta Alloys too.

If the OP has checked all the Barnacles (including WH), non human signal sources, military convoys, thargoid bases, wrecked megaships and not found meta alloys then they must be gone.
.. or non Numan Signal Sources [...]

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