Michael's Journey Through the Stars

Great thread and some great ideas! Also well played FDEV, I hope they brought along some cool goodies.

Just wondering, does he like to tinker with his ship? Now, I’m no expert but on this forum there are some who could help him A grade it up to G5 engineering. They no the system inside out.

And Mat, in the twitter statement you mentioned his Elite Dangerous goals. Any idea what they are? Could give us a better idea what to suggest.
If he likes racing, he could climb aboard and be a co-pilot to do a spin at the Okinura station. Its only like a 3 minute ride so wont take too long. I would be happy to do it. Others can join too with their ships for a mini race, to spice things a bit :)
Or be a co-pilot to an arranged pvp fight and feel the heat, or even he can shoot me with his ship and have a taste of destroying the ship of another commander :)
Or go and fight a thargoid!
Commander Michael is probably overwhelmed with ideas from this thread already, but if I can add one more idea that might help: create a photographic diary. I don't mean photograph everything you come across, but when you see a sight that's spectacular, or memorable, it can make for a great record of your achievements and where you have been.

Getting used to handling the camera from the ship, and from the SRV can present a challenge at first, but it's well worth the effort in the long run. When I look back at some of my photos, I am still amazed at what this game can offer.

o7 Commander !


Edit - I use EDDiscovery to identify where my photos were taken ... it's easy to lose track !
Just putting a little note to myself the chart is updated as best as I see it through this message, will delete this when more replies come in :)
Dear ED community,

on behalf of my 15-year-old nephew, Michael, I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you all, and also to ask a favour.

Over the last 24 hours, the Elite: Dangerous community response to Michael's circumstances has been overwhelming across social media. I've been relaying all the kind words and offers to him as best I can, and I'm hoping we can coordinate something from here.

Firstly, a quick primer for those who's response to this post is 'who? what?'.

I don't want to dwell on the medical side of Michael's story here as I'd like to keep things focused on the positivity that his love of Elite: Dangerous can bring him, and I'd like him to be able to read this thread and see the best of the Elite Dangerous community.

Suffice to say that he is a desperately unwell autistic teenager stuck in Addenbrooke's hospital in Cambridge (England) for his foreseeable future with nothing but a gaming PC and an internet connection. He is unable to do much, at least until he logs onto his favourite games, and then he is free.

That's where you come in.

Michael and I (and his younger brother, Nathan) have always played Elite: Dangerous together in a private session for obvious reasons (you've met the internet, right?). However, the deluge of kind offers that have come flooding in via many channels has been overwhelming and challenging to process.

Michael is keen to engage with as many opportunities as we can reasonably manage (with consideration to his ailing stamina and eyesight), and it would work well, I think, to use this forum thread to give him a 'shop window' to see what those opportunities are. Then we can work together with Frontier's assistance see how best to make some of those happen for him.

So could I humbly invite those of you who have reached out to us already, and any others who may have some ideas of how we can show Michael the best of the galaxy and the community, to post below for Michael's benefit.

Finally, I'd once again like to express my eternal gratitude for your thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness. In dark times, you are the best of us.

Uncle Mat

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Keep flying Commander Michael !
All the best to you and all those around you.
My best idea is the multi crew option.

Viewing sights all across the galaxy is hard work, long hours and many jumps, but sending us out to multiple points and hopping into our ships when we get there avoids the legwork.

Together we can work out who, where and when and give Michael the full galactic tour including all the best sights the Milky Way has to offer!
Here is a suggestion, if you haven't been there all ready. The Bug Killer. Its a planetary site with a chrashed Anaconda and its SRV. Loads of stuff to pick up, but what is awesome about it is the Thargoid encounter. Thargoid ships show up and scan the area, and as long as you take no action towards it, it'll leave you alone. Don't be carriing any Meta alloys... They tend to become crossed if you do.....
Haven’t logged into the forums in a dogs age... it’s commander Picard with mission farsight!!

I suggest Mitterrand hollow he would love that or perhaps if tome getting to the new station out by the center of the galaxy! I hope you guys add me in game

Commander Picard

Would love to fly with you despite being on my extended adventure

Could always visit the newly named Michaels Rest in Keplers Crest too!!

Godspeed CMDR!
Barnard's Loop and Orion
The first place that always comes to mind first when it's about the very first exploration goal, is Orion and Barnard's Loop. The whole region is stunningly beautiful and not too far from the Bubble. Only thing to keep in mind is, that you need a jump range of about 30ly because of some permit locks in the region.
If going there head for the tourist center in the Orion Nebula, should be the only inhabited system in the area. If plotting fails best plot for Rigel first (and visit the Witch Head Nebula and the research center there since you're there anyway). Rigel is also a giant, so that's one more thing to see.

Generation ships
Sent on their way hundreds of years ago in pre-hyperjump times, the Generation ships found so far are all in, or pretty close to the Bubble and worth visiting. They all tell a story via data points, but the theme is pretty dark.
Here's the wiki page, inlcuding locations: https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Generation_Ships
Text contains ultimate SPOILERS though, so beware.

My wife and son both are on the autistic spectrum, and though I can't say they suffer much from it, there are things I have to keep in mind around them. Be that enough foresight to make early plans and best predictions to not cause any kind of surprises or getting behind their reasons for being stressed sometimes. I know at least this side of things. Often it's about a lot of patience for all of us. Greetings and best wishes also from them.

Game on and fly safe! o7
You should check out those Thargoid bases. When you activate them it gives us an awesome star map. But we dont know what it does. Help us figure it out. :)
I just remembered I've done this a while back, though only after playing the game for years (and after visiting the sites several times before), for the first time. Another CMDR was there but didn't have the items required to open the doors, but I did. So we winged up and explored the place together.

Driving two SRVs through the interior was genuinely the most awe-inspiring thing I've ever done in Elite, it was goosebump inducing. Like a scene out of the Alien franchise. And activating the star map is absolutely beautiful.

It's a bit of a shame that many CMDRs won't/haven't seen this yet due to the obscure requirements to get in (not only do you need the items but the site has to be 'active' still, neither of which the game tells you). But it's definitely worth the effort.
Greetings Michael - lost of great suggestions here already but here's one more and something a little bit different.

I've documented this elsewhere ..

.. but if you want to observe a Thargoid at an awesome planetary location then can I recommend visiting Penal Colony BV 2259 on planet AB 1 A in the HIP 16217 system. Here you can see a Thargoid up close and personal at it scans a ground based prison complex and, if you use the SRV to activate the data beacons, you can even get the base's defences back on line and watch a battle between the base and the looming interceptor.

And ... if you're bold enough, who knows, perhaps you can even jump on to the Thargoids back in your SRV!

Source: https://youtu.be/6CL2XH0RKd0
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You could put together a grand tour featuring:

Generation ships,
INRA bases,
Jamesons crash site,
Those installations with sattelites that have a puzzle built into them (pre-research that as solving it could be kinda tough? was for me)
Thargoid base (including the light show)
A megaship scenario on the way somewhere,
Asteroid base stop points whenever travelling some distance,
Guardian ruins (unlock gauss cannon?)
Fight thargoid scouts,
Fight thargoid interceptor(s),
Retire to Sol, and check out the Voyager probes?
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