Michael's Journey Through the Stars

Perhaps a little trip out to Lave. For many of us old timers that's where it all kicked off ...
System contains the 'orange sidewinder', Lave station and an asteroid base as is situated conveniently inside the bubble.

Alternatively, I'll add my name to the growing list of CMDRs who would be honoured to act as air support should the young pilot care to loot some guardian sites

Thanks for all the support. Greatly appreciated. Last Night was a bit of a scare any of you on the live stream would have saw it. It go so bad i couldn't fly when docking. any more suggestions for activities will be greatly appreciated. BTW What does this o7 Mean.

Im Gonna get 10mill and set up this Michael's Journey Squadron. If anyone can tell me what it does and the benefits of going down one route and not the other as some options cant be changed. i would like a general understanding of what it all means. Once I Have Opened a Squadron I would like to do a fan meat up on open play i wont go in anything big as i know im a target i would like to do an imperial combat session so i will give you all my imperial ship builds so you can join us. This reminds me i need an empire system to call my emperial base Amber Is My Alliance Base I Think V886 Centauri is My Mining Base as void opals. and so on.

Heres my Empire Builds. If you decide to join me please use an imperial ship the imp eagle anyone can get so don't worry about rank please build your own as i would like to see your ship builds but if you don't feel free to use mine. https://coriolis.io/compare/Imperial Fleet
P.S. To keep things uniform can you keep stock paint and if you have them blue weapons and Thrusters.

Thank you for all your suppport
Fly Dangerously CMDRS. See you in the skies
Hi Guys I am thinking of setting up a Michaels Journey Squadron should i do it and if so how and help i will bring this up in the stream tonight.
Squadrons are entirely your own choice, but the downside about Squadrons is that they cost 10 million credits to set up and you can only be in one squadron at a time. Whereas Private Groups are free to set up, and you can be in as many PGs as you want
Greetings from the Children of Raxxla Michael,

Did you have a bucket list for yourself of sorts within Elite? Things you wanted to accomplish or see? Please reach out if CoR can help in any way.

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There are still plenty of us here at Beagle Point if that is something that Michael might like. I'm in a Beluga with a Guardian fighter on board. I'd be happy to let him fly that if there is any interest. o7!

All these suggestions are great an all and some are really cool.

But you really need to try your hand at piracy.

Now im not talking about plain 'ol boring vanilla npc piracy but full blown player vs player piracy. Nothing better than taking a woefully small and underpowered ship again a large cargo hauler and trying your luck at getting some of that sweet sweet loot.

You dont need a large combat ship or even tons of engineering to give it a go. We have an xbox cmdr that uses a Adder from time to time so any small or medium ship will work. Cough, cough, wink wink, Cobra, Cobra.😁.

If you were on xbox I'd gladly give you the co-pilot seat and let you fire as many hatchbreaker and collector limpets as your heart desires. There's got to be a few fellow pirates on PC that would do the same for yah.

That way on your first successful haul, you can raise your favorite drink and in a load voice declare. "I am the dreaded Pirate Lord Cmdr Michael of Addenbrooke's!"

Dear ED community,

on behalf of my 15-year-old nephew, Michael, I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you all, and also to ask a favour.

Over the last 24 hours, the Elite: Dangerous community response to Michael's circumstances has been overwhelming across social media. I've been relaying all the kind words and offers to him as best I can, and I'm hoping we can coordinate something from here.

Firstly, a quick primer for those who's response to this post is 'who? what?'.

I don't want to dwell on the medical side of Michael's story here as I'd like to keep things focused on the positivity that his love of Elite: Dangerous can bring him, and I'd like him to be able to read this thread and see the best of the Elite Dangerous community.

Suffice to say that he is a desperately unwell autistic teenager stuck in Addenbrooke's hospital in Cambridge (England) for his foreseeable future with nothing but a gaming PC and an internet connection. He is unable to do much, at least until he logs onto his favourite games, and then he is free.

That's where you come in.

Michael and I (and his younger brother, Nathan) have always played Elite: Dangerous together in a private session for obvious reasons (you've met the internet, right?). However, the deluge of kind offers that have come flooding in via many channels has been overwhelming and challenging to process.

Michael is keen to engage with as many opportunities as we can reasonably manage (with consideration to his ailing stamina and eyesight), and it would work well, I think, to use this forum thread to give him a 'shop window' to see what those opportunities are. Then we can work together with Frontier's assistance see how best to make some of those happen for him.

So could I humbly invite those of you who have reached out to us already, and any others who may have some ideas of how we can show Michael the best of the galaxy and the community, to post below for Michael's benefit.

Finally, I'd once again like to express my eternal gratitude for your thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness. In dark times, you are the best of us.

Uncle Mat

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Saw this on Twitter originally earlier in the week. I'm happy to see something posted here.

To Michael I just want to say: "One of us, one of us...." Welcome to the galaxy Cmdr. o7

Unfortunately I don't have any specific recommendations that haven't already been mentioned so I just want to recommend trying it all.
Michael has made a few useful contacts in-game which has greatly improved his game experience, I'm very grateful for that. As things move along, I hope we can catch up with more of you and perhaps sometimes capture Michael's experiences on a stream.

Michael's availability is as unpredictable as his choice of activity, but his recent focus and stated intentions have been as follows:
  • He's got a sudden taste for engineering modules (thanks to CMDR UselessED), so harvesting materials and unlocking engineers might be a thing.
  • He's offered to walk me through obtaining guardian modules, so an expedition to the Synuefe region is on the cards.
  • Multicrew has been mentioned - to what purpose is not yet clear.
The priority is to have fun and not put him under too much stress, but I'll let you know when I do. :)

Thanks again folks.
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