Midnight Show tonight - Hive Radio - Security leak

Hive Radio Pleiadean Security Update

:Stardate 3034.22.02.20
:Confirmed: Thank you: You are now online to The Hive's Tachyon Command Intelligence Center #420
:Request update. Thargoid Invasion Force:
:Secure Uplink Access Confirmed:
Posts: The Hive Current Affairs Liaison. Security Attaché. Place: Online Orbital Command Centre
Time: 49th CYCLE
14.30 Standard Pleiadean Time

Valued Commanders, it is with renewed hope that I greet your call signs. The last thirty cycles has brought a flood of new data, much of which is still being evaluated here at Hive Command Intelligence. We have received a tachyon transmission ('0999Vhit!#Tran~ComDat) from a data trader which included a recent broadcast by an unidentified ship seen here (Holoref#An!ship70%~Comdat). A magnificent sight, I'm sure you'll all agree. The ship appeared near an abandoned outpostat called Kardak in the Pleadeas only seven cycles ago.

Back in Taygeta Freaky Friday is Festering so Hive Radio will break out of the box to try and entertain you during the pre-Chapter 4 hysteria while bringing you some lulz adapted from Titan's Daughter's silly season, so whether you're encased by rock in an asteroid base, metal in a spacestation or starship, ceramic for special needs or lucky to be walking around on a planet without a suit on, please tune in for a bried take on the Pleiadeas on Hive Radio tonight at midnight, gametime, tonight, Friday 2nd November. Timestamps are unreliable due to Thargoid sensor interference so subscribing to the channel before the event will ensure that you'll get advised when we go live, which could be sooner or later than the posted time.

Gosht - For The Hive


:Transmission complete:
:Thank you Central. My enquiry is complete:
:It is a pleasure to serve with you. Goodbye:
:Thank you. Goodbye Central:
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This show will go on as planned even though Thargoid sensor interference sometimes makes things come to a HALT.
I must've known something was up because I lost the entire plot 5 minutes before the broadcast began and had to operate in a more simple manner than planned...the message remains the message tho - For The Hive!

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