Min. Departure Time on Test

Is there any way to make the ride actually enforce the min. departure time when you are testing it? It's screwing up my triggers because I need the cars further apart.
Nope, you can't.

This was communicated as "working as intended", but I disagree, and fully agree with you that even under testing minimal waiting times should be applied as set.
Well that is not optimal.

Sounds like Verant's "working as intended" for Everquest bugs.
It's funny, because it used to work while testing; I don't remember which update they changed this in. My guess is that too many people who downloaded stuff off the workshop were wondering why rides weren't going when they put them into test mode. So instead of making it so that the first train would dispatch (then subsequent trains following the departure rules) they just removed that ability. Total speculation, though. Even though it's unlikely that they'll go back and address this, I would love to have the old way back, or an option to choose which rules it follows.
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