Ships Mines effective against npc pirates?

looking to rig my type 9 with mine launchers.
i can easily evade interdiction. but the other day i accidentally set my thrusters to zero and submitted to the interdiction. i got killed by a dangerous ranked anaconda since i get mass locked.
are mines effective in retreating from an npc?
Used to be, not anymore.
I f you are not going to fight.
Like M sez.
Submit, boost and low or hi wake away.
Think about when to run and when to play the mini interdiction game.
For NPCs, they seem to avoid them most of the time. So if your aim is to kill them- nah. That aint gonna work. There is some extremely limited utility in that it usually keeps them farther away from you, so from that point of view you can make the case of "well why not". Its not going to prevent you waking any faster or slower (you don't have to retract fully to jump), its not going to really inhibit your jump range to chuck a few on, and its also not going to drain your pips like other defensive options.

I put them on with ion disruption + rapid fire if I think its likely I will be interdicted by another player and I don't want to collect some bounties from NPCs in my cutter. CGs especially. I've had a lot of success hitting other players, hilariously enough.

Still: they are very much avoidable. And it won't be the first, second or even third thing to save you from an interdiction. I just view it with a similar utility as I would chaff or a point defense.

I know you asked about NPC's specifically but I figured i'd add my $0.02
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