Mining - replace prospector limpets

I’ve done a lot of mining and my view is that carrying prospector limpets limits your overall yield because you run out of available limpets and can’t prospect fast enough and only 1 may be 2 at a time.

I would like to see prospectors completely replaced by targeting an asteroid and using the data link scanner (like we do with mega ships) and once scanned the UI displays them with an artificial colour , eg a green hue. That way prospected asteroids stand out and depleted asteroids could be given a red hue so it’s obvious what to mine and what to avoid.
This also gives the advantage not to use a slot on prospector controllers and allows for wings of prospector miners to light up a route through a field of asteroids for the big guns so to speak
I suggest you try larger ships. Running out of limpets is something that very rarely happens when I'm mining. I'll synthesize a few occasionally just to burn some materials.

I agree that limpet controllers need reworking, in particular how they scale. But I don't agree that removing prospector limpets adds any benefit.
I would seriously prefer the EVE Style scanner for Asteroids. Even if it has a limited cone or field, as opposed to entire belts. Firing off limpets at each individual rock simply is not compelling game play, and its one of the two biggest reasons I do not mine in Elite despite enjoying it in EVE.

For all that I champion more opportunity for actual flight in normal space, I find mining utterly tedious. Sometimes, the established methodology really does exist for a reason. Just...let us use mining lasers and collect the ore automatically. Tedious micromanagement of limpets and constantly filtering out rocks on a menu NOT appealing game play.
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