Minor Inclusions to In-Game customisation

Obviously I have to ask that there is eventually the inclusion of being able to change the colour of the cockpit UI/HUD within ships (on consoles, or having a native, in-game adjuster in settings or at least as purchasable skins on the store) and I hope thats a pretty minor thing to do because I'm getting sick of orange :(

Another thing is to try make the tutorial a little more in-depth, but less complex, by adding either more tutorial steps that explain that altitude and angles are practically non-existent, or having links to videos one can watch in-game because Elite: Dangerous is not an easy game to understand and it took me a week of playing and YouTube tutorials to understand it enough to breeze through it, relatively speaking.

The last is a broke boy ting: more free ship skins or something lmaoaoao some of us are broke
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