Missed Bugs? No Shop settings makes it almost impossible to make Profits!

Awesome Game, being a developer myself I appreciate what a great world you created. Amazing!
That said - I still notice a few bugs that seem overlooked. So if this is helpful, here are my few suggestions:

* When saving a custom Scenario, and on "Park" settings; the value for "Prestige Decline Rate" always resets to "Medium" when you re-Open your Scenario again.
So does that custom scenario always Play on Medium for that setting then?

* The "Shop and Running Costs" monthly amounts seem excessive, really hard to make profit on Shops. Standalone Shops, Vending get zero customers at times, no matter the cost settings, and even when setting "Guest Traits" to 100%, limiting traits (95% set to None) and setting "Hungry"-"High". The only items that seem to Sell are Hats and Balloons (eventually) and Guest traits "Wealthy" and "Big Spender" help sales slightly. To make monthly profit on Shops, it works to limit traits, and set Guest Trait "Restaurant Lovers", and Restaurant and Brand's "Running Costs" to 2% and "Popularity" Modifiers to 10.0. Seems like it needs attention there, to require the max exaggerations to make profit, or perhaps that is the idea to manage Shop losses. Consider to duplicate the "Restaurant" type modifiers but for "Shops" - "Shop Popularity Multiplier", "Shop Monthly Running Costs Multipliers", etc

* The "Priority Pass" lanes are great, but it seems difficult to get a steady or heavy flow, no matter the price for the pass. Setting Guest Trait "Impatient" seems to increase flow, whether that is the intended trigger or not; but when I check the increased Guests using Priority pass lanes, they are not "Impatient" often. Guests buy Passes at "Info Shops" right next to the ride entrance, then walk away from that ride - there is no correlated action to buying the Pass near the Coaster, then using that ride's Priority Pass lane next.

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