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I'm developing a service to store player journals for a longer period than the current cAPI does.

But I've found an issue (at least with my account), that the difference between the local journal files (PC, Steam, Frontier account) and the cAPI are too large.

In the API, I do not have:
  • FileHeader
  • Commander
  • FSSSignalDiscovered
  • Location
  • ApproachSettlement
  • SquadronStartup
  • EngineerProgress
  • Reputation
  • Progress
  • Rank
  • LoadGame
  • Materials
  • ReceiveText (I do not get all of the events, that I get in-game)
  • Shutdown

I tried to replicate the missing rows by launching the game 3 times, 2 times in solo and once in open, and all those above mentioned events, are missing from the journals I can pull from the cAPI /journal-endpoint.

I heard with some other devs about this on EDCD, and they have their FileHeaders and Commander-events written in their journals.

One missing ReceiveText is:
{ "timestamp":"2020-12-21T18:34:06Z", "event":"ReceiveText", "From":"", "Message":"$COMMS_entered:#name=Luchtaine;", "Message_Localised":"Entered Channel: Luchtaine", "Channel":"npc" }

Basically, for one of the sessions, I'm missing 49 events.


And I got 200 OK back from the API, not 206 Partial Content
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I only did a cursory test. Mine, from yesterday (a quick login and back out to grab ARX, on a pure Frontier account, in/out of Open Play) starts with these events:

  1. Friends
  2. Commander
  3. Materials
  4. LoadGame
  5. Rank
  6. Progress
  7. Reputation
  8. Music (notrack)
  9. Missions
  10. Docked
  11. Loadout
  12. Music (Exploration)
  13. Statistics
  14. NpcCrewPaidWage (x3)
  15. Cargo
And now I check, that's it! So nothing for the shutdown sequence. And also definitely missing:

  1. Fileheader
  2. Music (notrack)
  3. Music (mainmenu)
  4. SquadronStartup
  5. EngineerProgress
  6. ReceiveText
  7. Location
  8. FSSSignalDiscovered
  9. Shutdown
To be clear, I'm comparing the Journal file on my PC written by the Frontier (not Steam or EGS) game client to the output of the following command:
./fd-ed-capi.py  --rawoutput --journal 20201220 Athanasius > out/journals/Athanasius-20201220.json
with that command being my own from https://github.com/Athanasius/fd-api . So that retrieved from the URL:
and definitely got a 200 HTTP status.
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