Missing Star - Golem Rampage

Hello, I've already posted a bug report about this a while ago but it hasn't been fixed yet so I thought I'd ask in the general discussion area to see if anyone knew of a fix. I have earned all of the stars in the career mode but in the main menu it still shows that I am missing the gold star for Golem Rampage. When I load my Golem Rampage park it shows that I have all 3 stars. I have tried re-saving the park just to see if that triggers anything in the main menu but it doesn't.

I was thinking about re-doing the park from scratch just to see if that fixed it but I wanted to see if anyone else tried that before I travel down the path to inevitable disappointment again.
I am getting the same error, but with all 3 stars! I have noticed on the steam forums that we are not alone.
I had the same issue, but it has fixed itself...... Not certain what happened, but I did create a unique save file after completing the scenario for the park, not sure if that is what did it, but might be worth a try?
Hey, just registered to post this issue, only this holding me back from the archivement... first thought was it doesnt show up because i changed something on the rollercoaster. Just to see if it works ive removed the break so everything is right on the stats, but still the issue. Menu = 2 Stars. Loading the Park, 3 Stars. pls fix, awesome game nonetheless!