Missing texture with no errors

Anyone had an issue with textures not appearing? I've got no errors on uploading but just appears white.

File names are all correct for PNG and Blender - suspect it might be holes in the mesh which it doesn't like?
Yeah, checked all the names. Not sure what it is other than maybe the holes in the mesh it doesn't like
I think it should not matter but maybe check if the object has its "faces" directing outward and not inward? (recalculate whatever in the edit mode, on the left panel)

And then if you suspect that your mesh has got something that it hates, maybe you can make a new simple object with similar setup to see if it is actually that or not.

Also, another way: make a new fresh file, copy&paste into that and check.
I've had this occur with _OP maps, but only with animated objects (the tilt problem we are currently discussing)
It appears that this mesh exports OK using Binary in 2.79 but textures don't work using ASCII for sames files - weird but at least it works! Not much help when trying to get the animation to work
I have the same problem, Can't figure out Why my texture doesn't appear ingame.....I'm becoming mad.[noob]
How did you address the texture issue? I'm running into the same thing. Models get accepted and import into the game okay but the texture just turns up white
Simply put, they work fine exporting from Blender 2.8 (as binary FBX) and just don't work exporting from ASCII FBX convertor in Blender 2.79

Not sure why, but this has been the fix for all the files I had not working

If it's not above, it's likely you have just named the files incorrectly.
problème textures !

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since a few days, I have the same problem I have no texture with the version of fpx 6.1ASCII which is ultimately a white texture even if I did everything well and check that it had no basic error on blender after several attempts nothing is done!
For version 7.4 in binary the texture is present, but a transparent or light effect is visible on object (the texture is not opaque or matt)

on the phot the logo jurassic park is nickel, a creation that succeeded his problem a simple cube with a texture that shines not matte or opaque done with the fpx version 7.4 binary and the other cube in fpx 6.1 ASCII that leaves object in white ?

Waiting for an answer thanks in advance!

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depuis quelques jours , j'ai le même problème j'ai aucune texture avec la version du fpx 6.1ASCII qui fait au final une texture blanche même si jai bien tout fait et vérifier qu'il avait aucune erreur de base sur blender après plusieurs tentative rien y fait !
Pour la version 7.4 en binary la texture est présente, mais un effet transparent ou de lumière est visible sur objet (la texture n'est pas opaque ou mat )

sur la phot le logo jurassic park est nickel, une création qui à réussi son problème un simple cube avec une texture qui brille donc pas mat ou opaque fait avec le fpx en version 7.4 binary et l'autre cube en fpx 6.1 ASCII qui laisse objet en blanc ?


En attente d'une réponse merci d'avance !
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Orionmax, voici mes presets d'export en FBX, depuis que je les utilisent, je n'ai aucun problème. Parfois les explications officiels sur le TMT sont foireuses et il faut trouver les solutions seul...
Si tu n'as toujours pas de textures après ça, c'est que ton problème vient soit de tes UV soit de la façon dont tu as nommé tes textures.

Seems im the Odd one out within this community as i use 3Dstudio max not blender or maya. hehe. even the guide outs me. lol

Im having the same issue in 3dsmax, and ive tried creating an FBX with both ASCII and Binary. No success!
Will try going back through previous versions of both binary and ASCII to find out which works.
However i have to be honest, im really hating this toolkit, given you have to wait a long length of time, to get the file to test your model, only to find out it hasnt imported correctly or has to be tweaked in someway. its slow going.
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