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Mission board doesn't connect to server

IP Protocol

Date & Time of Occurrence
2019-03-07 10:30 AM PDT


None / N/A



Ship Type

Commander Name
Han Ka Solo

I'm at Explorer's Anchorage, and trying to sign up for the CG, but the mission board keeps on giving me the "Failed to communicate with server" error. Tried in PG and Solo mode, and rebooted the computer. Issues with the mission server perhaps?

Steps to Reproduce
Park at Explorer's Anchorage. Open up mission board.

Additional files?
Tried another account and missions seems to work in the bubble for other stations, it's just Anchorage as far as I can tell.

Also, there's something weird going on when I exit the game itself while parked at the station (haven't seen this in the other account at other station), and it's a flash of seeing my ship in space, outside the station before the game exit is complete. Makes me nervous each time.

So I wonder if this station is somehow different than other ones? Is it because it's in a state of change perhaps?
Same issue, docked at Explorer's Anchorage and when trying to load up mission board get 20+ seconds of "Stand By" before being kicked to "Failed To Communicate With Server. Unable to get an up to date mission list from server." Been like this all day.

Also - Need better outfitting if you want us to refit for combat to help with the "civil unrest" state
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