Newcomer / Intro Mission completion 'as part of a Wing'

Hi guys, I have seen many missions on the Mission Board where they recommend the mission is completed 'as part of a Wing'.

This occurs with both trade and combat style missions.

Why are they so recommended? I decide to experiment and do a trade mission (600 units of whatever commodity) that was recommended for a Wing, and I managed it just fine. Ok, it took me four round trips to complete it in my Krait MkII, but for 8.8MCr that was a small price to pay.

So, what's all this about recommended for a Wing?
The Wing missions are group activities. Everyone gets paid the same amount for completing the task. Most of the time this plays out identical to solo missions. The transport mission you indicated, would have gone twice as fast with 1 wing mate, and both of you would have made 8.8mil in half the time. It is simply more beneficial when completed as a group. I believe you also get a small credit bonus for being in a wing.
But as @Codger indicated. the difficulty also increases exponentially with wing missions.
Wing Cargo missions often don't pay out as well as single-pilot missions, because the mission reward has to be factored to be divided by four (there was an "easy cash" exploit back when they were first introduced and wing missions paid the full reward to all contributors; a wingman could get paid millions of credits for virtually no work). It's not quite as bad as one-quarter of the standard payout, but it's a lot less. Soloing a wing cargo-fetch mission can even result in a net loss as the reward is less than the net amount paid to buy the goods.
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I did one a while back...3000+ units from station A to station B, in system, only about 200ls apart I think. Took like 20+ trips, one way, so over 40 total. And after the 3rd launch, I had a pirate, the same pirate, try to interdict me...Going to drop off and coming back. That was the most annoying part of the mission. Never got interdicted, but it was an added pain in an already long mission. Made almost 12M credits, but in my opinion, not worth the effort.

But your mileage may vary, see your Dealer for details...

Take Care and Check Six Commanders! o7
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