Mission dissapear after accepted (April patch .1)

Mission servers are always acting like fools after an update, it usually takes a few hours until everything is back to normal. I'll still sharpen the pitchforks, just in case...
Could be server lagging behind. I took on 3 new missions and they are now appearing in Transactions and on galmap

ouch! I was a bit more lucky, just Planetary Scan missions. Anyhoo, it seems to work now (for me atleast) Just finished 3 missions, flew back and racked up 4 more.

it's all missions, vanish from mission board but so not appear in transaction tab, galaxy map or at station to deliver anything to. tickets are growing for the issue
Can also confirm 2 missions I picked up before patch update are gone after update and regained PP bounty I paid yesterday :/
Same, all my yestarday missions was disappeared.
Fortunately, I had missions only with cargo.
Yesterday, some mission cargo was in my ship. And the mission cargo in my ship became as "stolen"!!
"Good"... (Although, of course, I can sell the goods on the black market, but cmn....)
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