Mixed Species Habitats

I am wondering if anyone has had success with mixed species habitats with animals that are not listed in the Zoopedia as compatible (or at least not enrichment). Specifically animals that aren't included in the African herds super group?

So far, I have a habitat with Pygmy Hippos and Flamingos that are doing quite well. My regular Hippos did not like the Flamingos but that was only because they are picky about their space.

Have you mixed any cool species together that worked out well? If so, what have you tried that worked (and what didn't)?
Common Warthog, Sable Antelope, Springbok AND Gemsbok, probably the Pronghorn Antelope too, but I didn't try that yet. They do very fine togheter. 😄
Pangolin and Red Panda works out perfectly, as long as you only have one of each. So for those who don't want to breed at the moment, those roomies might work.
Just found out that it is possible to have Tigers and Peafowl in the same Enclosure as long as the Tigers are Cubs. I've moved a Group of Peafowls in my Tiger-Breeding-Enclosure because I thought there are no more Tigers. Now they live peaceful together until the Tiger is grown up and gets sold to another Zoo or released to the Wild


Even if they don't interact It's so cute to watch them together in the Enclosure. Sadly he is now a adult Tiger
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